National distribution centre creates blanket mobile phone reception with PMT’s In-Building Coverage solution

“Our autonomous machinery, duress systems, staff, contractors and visitors have full mobile signal from the time they arrive on site”.

A chain of national Distribution Centres (DC) identified possible mobile phone signal issues at the time of facility design, due to construction materials and warehouse racking. To ensure a smooth transition to the new facilities, the operations team included a solution in the build. 

Looking at the available resources, IoT-connected devices and other operational equipment inside each facility it was decided that mobile coverage would need to be improved in order to maintain efficiency and – above all – employee safety.

The installation of PMT’s In-Building Coverage (IBC) solution economically solved the issue by improving mobile phone reception for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone/TPG across the entire site. This improvement in coverage included all warehousing (dry and cold), corporate offices, staff amenities, machinery & utility buildings as well as receiving and dispatch docks.

  • With 95% coverage in the target areas of the DC, equipment, team members, visitors and contractors can now use their mobile phone and tablets throughout the entire location.
  • Improved coverage ensures the ability to make and receive phone calls, access the internet and custom site-specific apps. Realtime machinery tracking, information and statistics processes are also now fully functional.
  • Safety, security and functionality were a major factor in sourcing the solution.

Operating 24/7, the distribution centres are essential to the success of the business, keeping retail outlet shelves stocked across each state daily. With a heavy reliance on mobility, any issues with signal quality have a significant impact on productivity – not only for staff, contractors and visitors, but equipment as well.

“Our business in supply chain relies heavily on mobility. As such, a poor signal anywhere on site effects our day to day operations and our bottom line.”

PMT is a trusted nationwide, Australian owned company, providing a complete spectrum of customised security and communications solutions. Established in 1979 PMT has evolved into one of the largest and best-known security and technology companies in Australia, with offices in all major cities and representation right across the country.

With Australia’s most experienced team of fulltime, MCF compliant in-house RF engineers, designers and project managers, PMT Communications can ensure fast, safe and timely delivery and quality – as well as guaranteeing the outcome of any deployment.

“PMT have been a preferred contactor to our security team for many years and now that we have engaged with their Communications business as well, it is clear that their cellular coverage solutions just work.”


  • Mobile phone reception for all three Australian mobile network carriers across the distribution centres 
  • Improved operations and response times for real-time autonomous machinery information
  • Network redundancy and backup – internet tail and two-way radio network 
  • Worker duress system

“Based on past experience, we knew at the design stage of the DCs to expect mobile phone reception issues and we therefore included a solution in the construction.”

There is no need to just “accept” poor mobile phone reception. If you, your team or your customers are having issues with poor signal within your business, call us now to discuss how we can solve the problem.  

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