National secure car parking organisation increases public safety and convenience with PMT’s In Building Coverage

“All onsite payment facilities are operational including EV charging stations, vending machines and ATM”

The business challenge

A national secure car parking organisation identified a number of their city-based parking facilities which suffered from poor mobile phone reception on all levels, due to being located underground or underneath buildings.

Mobile phone service is essential for many systems and conveniences located throughout these sites, for things like processing payments for parking, electric vehicle (EV) charging, vending machines and ATMs. 

In many cases the ability to make a phone call or access the internet was nonexistent beyond the main entry ramps. 

The installation of PMT’s In Building Coverage (IBC) solution solved the issue in a cost-effective manner by improving mobile phone reception for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone/TPG across each entire site. 

  • With 95% coverage throughout the facilities, customers, staff, security contractors and emergency services can now access all three of these major mobile phone networks.
  • Improved coverage ensures that customers and employees now have the ability to make and receive phone calls and access the internet. Pay stations, EV charging stations and vending machines are now all in service.
  • Safety, security and functionality were a major factor in sourcing the solution.

As a 24/7 operation, Secure Car Parking is extremely competitive and relies heavily on repeat business. It is detrimental to the brand for anyone to experience issues with basic services, and will have an effect on profitability. Introducing the convenience of EV charging, reliable food and drink vending machines and ATMs is a critical part of providing the levels of service that exceed expectation, and secure long-term customer loyalty.

“Secure parking is about providing safe, hassle free, and convenient car parking to our corporates and customers. We rely on repeat business and the efficiencies of the modern world are just expected.”

The PMT Communications solution

PMT is a trusted nationwide, Australian owned company, providing a complete spectrum of customised security and communications solutions. Established in 1979 PMT has evolved into one of the largest and best-known technology companies in Australia, with offices in all major cities and representation right across the country.

With Australia’s most experienced team of fulltime, MCF compliant in-house RF engineers, designers and project managers to ensure delivery, quality and guarantee the outcome. 

PMT’s engineers made a thorough assessment of each site, including audits of mobile reception and existing hardware. Cost-effective Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and associated solutions including were then deployed across all sites, which enhanced the existing network cover efficiently without the need for a major roll-out of expensive new hardware.

“We were recommended to contact PMT for advice on how to solve the problem, and cqme away with a much improved level of coverage, better services and happier customers.”


  • Mobile phone reception for all three Australian mobile network carriers across the multiple parking levels, up/down ramps and elevators 
  • Improved customer satisfaction 
  • Increased public, staff and contractor safety 

“The issue of poor mobile phone reception throughout had plagued several of our city parking facilities. The ease and time to deploy a fix was simple. We know a number of our other sites also suffer from sporadic coverage and now have the confidence to provide solutions to those sites as well.”

There is no need to just accept poor mobile phone reception. If you, your team or your customers are having issues with poor signal within your business, call us now to discuss how we can solve the problem.