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Advanced video technology is your strongest ally in the fight against fraud and theft

        • Video and data analytics can be used to manage queues, spatial optimisation and situational awareness. This will provide much deeper insights into people movement in a retail environment, affording stakeholders better overviews and management of their space.
        • Facial Recognition technology can detect known criminals attempting Refund Fraud and send an instant alert. By uploading recognised ‘bad actors’ to a database, an advanced Facial Recognition solution can detect when they enter a premises regardless of facial hair, sunglasses, hats etc.
        • Deter register theft with optimally placed AI-powered cameras, alarms and audio solutions. There is a huge variety of cameras and associated security hardware available in today’s market, each with a distinct function. Find cameras that are specifically designed for a purpose, whether that is to monitor a dark space, get a holistic view of an entire hallway, or focus very directly in high-resolution on the POS.

Case Studies

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Returns fraud prevention – and customer privacy

Mobile phone service is now critical to the retail experience

Preventing theft while enhancing productivity – modern video technology

Managed Services

Suburban shopping centre deploys state-of-the-art security system

FMCG chain deploys SmokeCloak security devices, stops theft in its tracks

Security and eCommerce

How can I best protect my store? Smaller, high-turnover retail

Prevention of theft

        • A security audit of your premises can work out the optimal placement of cameras and other devices, saving money at the same time as ensuring the absolute best solutions are in exactly the right places.
        • Technologies such as Smokecloak can emit a dense cloud of safe, environmentally friendly smoke in the event of a store break-in, effectively rendering criminals temporarily incapacitated and stopping theft.
        • Network audio systems can be used to send automated alerts, communicate across a store or to a specific area, and even use powerful AI features to detect certain situations or tone of voice – such as angry or abusive individuals.

Cellular coverage

        • In-building coverage (IBC) can solve poor mobile reception in a retail store, carpark or warehouse.
        • Better Public Safety – across the whole site including carparks and plant rooms.
        • Convenience – POS, in-store apps and click-and-collect will all work more effectively.
        • Automation and analytics – advanced technology is helping the retail sector evolve, and mobile data is central to that change.
        • Improved customer experience – with better phone coverage, customers can check stock, search products, respond to deals on social media and ‘check in’ at your store.
        • Increased customer loyalty – simply put, happy customers are loyal customers. Providing enhanced mobile reception leads to a better retail experience.

Managed Services

        • Managed services can allow a retailer to focus on the things that they do best – create exceptional customer experiences. By outsourcing all or part of your retail security to PMT, it is possible to save time and overheads while improving the efficiency of the business.
        • Retail analytics – video can be a powerful tool for monitoring customer movements and interactions in store. Pedestrian heat mapping can reveal where customers are walking to in store, while the same analytics can be applied to measuring the volume of foot traffic at certain times of the day.
        • Event reporting and alerts can monitor a space and automatically pick up on unusual activity. These can be relayed to our team who will assess the situation, and only alert the client if it is deemed necessary.
        • Integration of access control, video and audio can greatly enhance the efficiency of a store or distribution facility by increasing situational awareness and communications between different areas. For example, Licence Plate Recognition can be used in a carpark to let in employee vehicles; two-way audio can help to engage delivery drivers arriving at the back dock; and video can automatically switch on when movement is detected, allowing a complete view of any situation.
        • ‘Health’ reporting on the state of a security system can be performed remotely by our experienced teams, making sure that all systems are up to date, all patches and firmware updates have been applied, cameras are functioning correctly, and that networks are running efficiently.

Safety and Violence

  • The safety and wellbeing of employees is paramount. Security systems that can deter and prevent violence and aggressive behaviour against staff include Body Worn cameras which capture live video information about a situation from the first-person perspective, and Mobile Duress alarms, which can be worn by staff and monitored 24/7, calling for immediate assistance if a situation becomes threatening.
  • One high-profile retail customer has used a network of existing cameras, network audio and internet-connected monitoring devices to prevent suicide attempts from their premises, and extended that system to provide 24/7 monitoring of employee wellbeing throughout the large commercial premises.
  • Project Safeguard (more info here)

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