Spatial Auditing and Design

Our team of industry-leading experts will make thorough audit of the given space, and use advanced technology to accurately map out the best ways to provide fast, reliable mobile and network coverage.

We take into account all limiting factors in the structure and design of a space, and work out a plan to mitigate these in the most affordable and effective manner.

We have created purpose-built software and processes in-house that leverage cutting-edge technologies to optimise resources including the best hardware options for each individual challenge. This way, we can assure our customers they are getting not only the best solution and service, but also the best value for their investment.


PMT’s telecommunications division has advanced network monitoring systems in place, allowing us to constantly watch and enhance network performance. Making use of our services will save on human hours, and allow an organisation to focus on what they do best – rather than worry about their mobile reception and network coverage.